Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday!

Today we celebrated Braydens 1st birthday. Technically his birthday was on Friday, but we had his party today! Baby boy had a pretty good time, and got tons of fabulous presents!

Brayden demolished his cake and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I can not believe my little man is one year old! The last year flew by, well except for the first 8 weeks, that felt like an eternity. Being a mother is both the best and the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. Brayden has overcome so much and he truly is my hero. I am sure that if he could talk he could sure teach us all a lot. I am extremely proud to be his mother. I finally understand what unconditional love is, even on the days he is a real terror. I can not imagine my life without him and would do anything to protect him! I am anxious for what the next year brings...... we shall see soon enough :)

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  1. If baby boy could speak he'd tell you he loves you and your the best momma in the whole wide world