Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

It's been an amazing first year with Brayden! He has been making great progress recently and is sitting up on his own. He is eating solid foods. It appears our hydrocephalus issues have resolved, and we have truly avoided the VP shut. Baby boys next milestone is crawling, although I think he might skip it. His therapists seem optimistic about his future, and sometimes I even think he his happy to see our physical therapist. We keep pushing him further, and he keeps doing new things. Here are some photos from the last year:

First Smile!
6 Months

9 months

Making Christmas candy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are hopeful that 2013 will bring great things, but I am especially hoping for Braydens first steps this year....... so don't disappointment me baby boy ; ).

Tomorrow is our scheduled MRI to check on baby boys overall brain health. Fingers crossed that he does okay with the sedation, and that the MRI shows positive things.

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