Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MRI day!

Today was Brayden's scheduled head MRI to determine the effects on his brain from essentially being born. This should be the last invasive thing he should be put through for a while, and I am so relieved. I feel as if I have been holding my breath since he was born waiting on the results of this MRI. I am desperately searching for answers and I hope this MRI will give us those answers.

Of course Brayden was a real trooper throughout the day as usual. He just ignored the silly nurse who insisted on obtaining a blood pressure and kept trying until his little foot was purple. She did finally give up, but with obvious irritation. He played with his toys while him and I sat on the cart for an hour waiting on the doc to come see us. It was almost as if he could understand anesthesia talking about ventilators and IV's because that's when he became fussy. As I rocked Brayden and Bret signed his consent for anesthesia and his breathing tube I was surprisingly calm. Breathing tube #3!

They wheeled him and I down to MRI where I passed him off to an amazing group of nurses, and Bret and I went to get something to eat. It felt as if it was hours before our nurse came out and told us the scan was over, and they were working on getting him off the ventilator. (I'm sure it was only like an hour but it felt like an eternity). Soon enough, they were wheeling a very sleepy Brayden by us to the elevator. He looked so sweet and innocent as Bret and I went back to the waiting room while they got him settled in recovery.

When we finally went to see him, he was actually letting the nurse in recovery rock him. He was all smiles, and soon enough we were on our way home. Baby boy was so well behaved, especially since it was afternoon and he hadn't been able to eat or drink anything since 3AM. 

Hopefully we will have results soon enough and we can put all of this behind us. After all, how many breathing tubes should a baby have to have in his first year of life? 3 so far...... heres to hoping its his last for a while!

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