Saturday, January 19, 2013

MRI Take #2

Yesterday was Braydens second series of head MRI's. He was all smiles when he woke up, and he was asking to wear his pj's to the hospital, so I let him. I mean, how could you say no to this face?

Our MRI was scheduled for 1200. We arrived in admitting at 10AM and got to the surgery waiting room at 1030. Brayden did pretty well for the first hour of waiting.....

But he had lost his patience and was pretty crank for the second hour of waiting, so granma put him to sleep. I love how people glare at you over an upset baby in the waiting room, as if you brought him to something he should have been left with a sitter for. Sorry peeps, he's the patient :)


 Of course they came out and got us shortly after that. I am sure Brayden is eventually going to think its not safe to go to sleep unless he's in his own crib. He goes to sleep in waiting rooms and wakes up to strangers touching/stabbing him or holding him down. I am sure I would be less than impressed too. After finally getting him ready for his scan, he was pretty happy again except for when I wouldn't let him chew on his wires.......


He rode down to MRI in his stroller, as he was not impressed by hanging out in this crib. They were able to get him ready much faster in MRI this time as they knew how to position him and what breathing tube NOT to use. I liked our anesthesia person a lot better this time than last. This guy clearly had more experience with little people.

We saw our neonatologist Dr P by the elevators, and I was reminded of how reassuring he can be. That man is able to calm me down in no time flat, no matter what he scenario, which is nice. He reassured us he would call us with results when he knew something.
This series only took 40ish minutes and Brayden was headed back to recovery. Apparently, this anesthesia person gave Brayden no IV drugs, he only gave him the gas, so he was awake within minutes. He was definitely more cranky when waking up than last time, but he was more himself which I liked better! Overall the baby did well, although I was less than impressed with him pulling his IV out. I think he had finally just had enough......
Then we went up so Brayden could meet some nurses I work with. I talk about Brayden all the time so I am sure it's nice for them to finally meet him. Then we went to pick up some paperwork from the NICU. After all that I am sure Brayden had never been so relieved to see his car seat when we made it back to the car :) He surprisingly stayed awake for the entire 40 minute ride home, and no cough this time!
We meet with neurosurgery on Thursday and I am hoping that will be a very informative visit with plans of action in place if any are required.

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