Tuesday, January 29, 2013

MRI Take #3

Today was our third imaging appointment, although this one was at Children's Mercy. Let me just start off by saying that it was life changing experience compared to what we have experienced in the last month.......
They called this morning and said they had a cancellation, they were asking if we wanted to come earlier. Of course I want to bring my hungry/thirsty baby early! So we arrived at our newly scheduled time, got checked in and we waited maybe 10 minutes before we were taken right back to radiology. Brayden loved the brightly colored waiting room and watched some cartoons. (he isn't really allowed to watch TV at home so he was very impressed)
We were roomed in the sedation area, and things got moving immediately! We met everyone that would be caring for Brayden and they put some numbing medicine on his skin where they were planning on sticking for his IV. We answered the typical questions, and the nurse gave Brayden some toys to play with while he waited for his arm to numb. Anesthesia told us he would not get a breathing tube, and they would only be sedating him, not actually using anesthesia! I was so relieved to hear that, although now I wonder why that was done for his last 2 scans?

I didn't get to eat and now I am on a cart........This does not look good Mom!
They brought us a hospital gown, because I forgot the snaps on his onsie counted as metal, and we got Brayden changed. I couldn't believe it........a gown that actually fit, and it had cartoon characters all over it that Brayden got thoroughly inspected. 
They managed to get his tiny IV in a vein on his foot on the third stick. I was slightly annoyed that it took them three sticks, but he does sort of have chubby little limbs.

Looks ouchy......
After that they took him right back and got started. Ninety minutes later I was back to cuddling my little man. He drank all of his pedialyte without getting nauseous and the nurse gave him some goldfish to eat. Soon enough we were discharged and headed for home with a very sleepy Brayden. I don't think he even made it to the highway before passing out.

He immediately got a bottle and went to bed when we got home, but not before I snapped this last picture..... Poor little man!

Prior to my last post, we have learned a few things. The first thing we have learned is that multiple different specialists have looked at Braydens's previous scans and all have different opinions. Nobody can label it with a diagnosis. Ultimately, Dr. C says he doesn't think it has characteristics of a tumor, but he also said that it doesn't look like any of the other diagnosis they are trying to rule out.
Unfortunately, that is making Dr. C think it probably is some kind of tumor. For now, we are hoping these new scans will reveal something, giving us a much needed diagnosis. Dr C does not seem overly hopeful that we will get a diagnosis from these scans, so he is working on booking an OR for an endoscopic biopsy of this thing. He told us he was shooting for 10-14 days out for the biopsy to ensure were are truly out of options as surgery is the last resort to get a diagnosis.
The plan for the biopsy is to cut through Braydens forehead, and then guide a scope into his chronically enlarged ventricles (finally the hydrocephalus is doing something good) and look at the wall of this mass as well as take a piece of tissue. Dr C. is comparing the biospy to his previous reservior placement...... he will be admitted for 1-2 days following the biopsy providing there are no complictions.
The thought of him undergoing neurosurgery again is a very scary thought for me, especially thinking that it won't cure him. I know it is important to get a diagnosis so we can figure out how to treat this thing, I was just really hoping that it wasn't going to require neurosurgery. I am going to keep hoping that we learn something in the coming days. Doing so kind of feels like denial, but I don't care, I'm just going with it and I'm calling it being optimistic!

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  1. Why did they numb his arm if they stuck his foot!?!?!?!