Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our newest physical therapy attempt

Do you remember those scooters that you used to play on in gym class during elementary school? They looked something like this, only ours were square and didn't roll nearly as well as this one.

This is our newest therapy homework........
Brayden is supposed to get on this contraption, on his belly, and scoot himself around the kitchen. In theory it sounds good right? It would give him some more independence, and maybe push him towards some form of crawling/scooting. I mean, he is 10 months adjusted and not even trying to crawl. But, in reality, he will lay on it for 5 minutes before he melts down and starts trying to roll off. Unfortunately for him though, he can't roll off because he is tied to the scooter. (Our physical therapists orders) When he decides he can't roll off he starts trying to bang his head against the floor.... thats when he gets saved.
First five minutes
Minute 6
Trying to roll off

How am I supposed to just watch him suffer? I guess the therapy is as hard for me as it is for him. I know Brayden is struggling for independence, you can see it on his face watching Lizzy get up and walk away from him. I'm not sure what its going to take to get him moving, but we will try anything!
He has finally learned to walk in his baby walker, and he loves that. He is instant smiles when you put him in it and hes off and rolling. It does give him the independence to go and do as he pleases, but the only hard wood we have is in our kitchen so he is limited to that area. He tries to go in the living room but gets stuck on the carpet.  
He is unfortunately going to outgrow this thing long before he can walk independently so our therapist is working on trying to get him something like this:
It could have more adaptive pieces, or less, depending on what he needs.
I have mixed feelings about something like this. It could make him happy and give him independence, but it also sort of feels like we are giving up on him walking independently first. I know he wouldn't have it forever, and he will learn to walk without it eventually but that doesn't make it easier. I wish he could tell us what he wants because he's the one who has to use it.
In the meantime, he has walked hundreds of miles around our small kitchens, and has really learned how to maneuver his baby walker. He will come to you for kisses or to be picked up so I feel like that is reassuring as it shows he knows what he wants and how to get it.
Tomorrow is our head MRI, MRA, and MRV. As Brayden is put under general anesthesia again we hope that he does well and doesn't have any complications. We also hope that his throat won't be so irritated this time from his breathing tube, as he coughed for days after the last one. We hope for manageable results and plenty of treatment options although I am sure we won't know anything until next week : (

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