Sunday, January 20, 2013


The poor baby can not catch a break right now! Today when he got up from his nap he had fluid filled blisters in his diaper area...... He had a scab yesterday but we assumed he did it while scratching (typical male) and assumed it would heal right up. After calling and talking to a nurse practitioner in our after hours clinic today, it was determined that he needed to be seen at urgent care. Poor guy was supposed to be able to watch football with dad and granpa this afternoon. Unfortunately he got packed in the car and we headed to urgent care instead : (

He watched the fish in the waiting room, and played with Aunt Jill and granma while I filled out his paperwork.

We actually saw my childhood pediatrician which was kind of funny. He said that Brayden has a staph infection and gave us antibiotics and an ointment. How did he get another infection? He just had one right after Christmas that required an emergency room visit with an incision and drainage to his tiny pointer finger........

Soon enough we were on our way and headed home for granpas birthday dinner. Brayden was too tired for dessert, but did eat his dinner and drink his grape antibiotic. I tasted it, and it was terrible, so we will dilute his next dose with some milk. I mean, do pharmaceutical companies even taste this stuff?

After getting up from his late nap, we checked a huge milestone off his list! Hold yourself in a standing position while holding on to furniture, DONE. It wasn't for very long, but he is getting there!
My mom just called and said he's trying to pull himself up to the fireplace........
Maybe he is going skip crawling after all!!!

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