Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day

We have had a pretty quiet week! We went to the store Tuesday to prepare for the impending blizzard, and spent time with granma and granpa on Wednesday. Brayden also learned from one of his girlfriends last week that hangers are excellent toys/teethers. Yesterday he met an old friend of mine that I went to nursing school with. It was great to see her....
Today we all took a snow day. Brayden and I both spent the morning in our jammies, and were pleasantly surprised when Comcast sent Bret home before noon. We had a quiet day at home which I believe is just what the doctor ordered. At one point today it looked as though Brayden would not be having surgery tomorrow as there were no pediatric ICU beds available for tomorrow and they were not sure they could make room for him given the weather. Thankfully they called later to let us know his surgery was on the schedule and they had a bed waiting for him in ICU.  
After dinner Brayden got his preop scrub down, and put his clean jammies on. Its so hard to believe that this time tomorrow night he will be in the ICU hooked up to all sorts of equipment. We hope that he does well during surgery, recovers quickly, and that we will back home very soon.....

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