Monday, March 11, 2013

A new normal

Brayden helping momma make dinner...... he was all laughs and smiles with
a puppy wacker, an empty soda bottle, a garlic toast box, and a phone. Who needs toys?
I want to start his post by thanking everyone for the incredible amount of support and kind words that have been expressed towards Brayden and my family recently. It means the world to us to know people care so much!
Over the last week things have began to settle down and we are figuring out how to deal with all of the things we have been told. We laid pretty low last week and then Brayden spent the weekend with his granma and granpa while Bret and I worked. 
Today we went back to the hospital to get Braydens port placed so he can get his chemo sometime next week. We woke a very sleepy Brayden up at 6:45 and headed to the hospital.
Of course there was a terrible accident on I70, but we managed to make it in time. We got all checked in, signed our consents for the port and another breathing tube (#5?) with anesthesia, and they got started right on time.
Things went smoothly, and after a very short two hours and forty five minutes we were on our way back home. I think that might be a new record. When we got home Brayden was ready to move on. He refused to be rocked or take it easy, so off he headed in his baby walker. He didn't even have time to stop for a photo. He seems 75% unphased by the general anesthesia he got a few short hours before, and that makes for a happy baby and a happy momma!
Wednesday we have a full day of tests scheduled, and then a follow up appointment with neurosurgery on Thursday. I think I have accepted that this will be our new normal, which I think is important. I am also figuring out how to make it through the majority of the day enjoying Brayden without worrying too much about the future, although at times this is easier than others. I just keep trying to focus on making as many happy memories as I possibly can, and I think its suiting us pretty well!

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