Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chemotherapy Week #1

I am happy to say that we had our first dose of chemotherapy today and it was very anticlimactic! We started with our hearing test at 0830. Brayden was more cooperative this time, but not cooperative enough to get a good baseline hearing assessment. Ultimately he still has fluid behind his ear drum, so we will try again in two weeks. If he still has fluid in his ears then we will be referred to an ENT.

After our hearing test we went right to oncology and they got moving right away. Brayden got weighed, and got a height (chemo is dosed based on height and weight). . He is almost 26 pounds and is 2 ft 9 inches tall! We even managed to get a blood pressure on the first try, and then it was time to get ready for port access. 

I am very pleased to say that Brayden did excellent for his access, and the nurse did a great job! Our child life specialist had some great apps on her ipad that kept Brayden entertained and distracted for the stick. The only issue was that Brayden tried to pull the needle out right away, but momma was faster. After that we got some more tape, and his shirt back on :)

Brayden got a dose of Benadryl and a dose of Zofran while his fluids ran. (He will get one hour of fluids before and after his Carboplatin) After his fluids were finished the nurse gave his Vincristine IV push, and started his Carboplatin.

By this time the benadryl had started working and that made for a very sleepy and cuddly Brayden. The next two hours passed quickly and Brayden napped while I played on the ipad. The nurse came back, deaccessed his port, and then we saw Dr G. He had a schedule for us for the next month, and we learned some more about Braydens's chemo schedule. Brayden's induction phase consists of weekly Vincristine and monthly Carboplatin. He will complete the induction phase for 2 months, and we have an MRI scheduled for May 13th, which is eight treatments away counting today's. If the tumor has responded well then we will drop to monthly doses of both drugs. I'm not sure what happens if the tumor doesn't respond, and to be honest I'm trying not to think about that. At this point I am grateful that today was not as unpleasant as I was expecting, although who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I hope every week is this easy.....

 Brayden took a nap after getting home, and then we went to have Mexican for dinner. Brayden had a great appetite and he highly recommends the grilled cheese. I just hope I am not cleaning up said grilled cheese later tonight...... 

Our stash of drugs is already growing quite rapidly. It's really hard to believe he needs all this, although I am sure he truly does.   
We also went to the bank today and set up an accout for Brayden. We have had some people asking about how to donate for Brayden, and that information can be found under the donation tab at the top of the blog. We do not want anyone to feel obligated or pressured to donate, we are just trying to make it easy for those that have asked!

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  1. I am so glad to hear he is doing well with all he going through. Our prayers are with you both.