Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chemotherapy week #2

The last week was little rough, especially the couple days following his first round of chemo, but I am pleased to day that Brayden is doing well! His nausea has passed, and he is back to eating and playing as usual. I am so relieved to see that my baby boy is still in there after all he has been put through. He has been napping a little longer and more often, but when he's awake he is the same little man he was before all this started......
Today was our second week of chemo, and Brayden did awesome! He was very brave when they accessed his port and didn't cry at all, although I think that is because he has developed a crush on the child life specialist named Elizabeth! He smiles so big for her and she has some great apps for him to play with! They drew labs, gave his vincristine, and deaccessed his port. His labs are "okay", meaning that he does not require a blood transfusion, but they have dropped significantly since last week. His white blood cell count, which is directly related to his ability to fight illnesses is significantly decreased. He is now considered to be "neutropenic" meaning he should not be in populated places and is at significant risk for infection. That unfortunately means he is not allowed to go to church for Easter, and granma had such a cute outfit for him to wear :( They also told us if his temperature is 101.5 or greater he will be admitted to the hospital. They then gave us a mask and instructed us to make him wear it on the way to the car. You can imagine how that went :) I am very pleased to say that we were in and out in a new record time: 1 hour, 15 minutes!

We also got Brayden's haircut as he was starting to look somewhat homeless with hair growing over his ears. He looked like such a big boy sitting up in the chair! He did great, and we met someone who has been praying for Brayden since he was in the NICU. The barber was the same man that cuts granpa's hair and knew how hard Brayden fought to stay alive when he was born. It is so amazing to meet people that have never met Brayden, but continue to pray for him.
Tomorrow Brayden is going to get to try out his gait trainer. While I am somewhat apprehensive he will hate it and cry, I am also very excited for him because it should give him more independence. Hopefully tomorrow will be a happy day with lots of smiling pictures to come!


  1. So glad to hear Braden is hanging in there! Praying, praying and praying so more for your family.

  2. Brayden is a very handsome and courageous little boy....god bless all of you....