Friday, March 15, 2013

Cold Feet

Today Brayden and I spent the morning shopping with granma and Lizzy, and we had a great time! I got some new clothes, and the babies got some sandals. Hello spring! When we got home, I had a chance to talk to our oncology NP. She gave me information regarding Brayden's schedule on Tuesday.....some of which I found extremely disturbing. Based on our conversation I learned the following:
  • On Tuesday we will have another attempt at a hearing test and then we will proceed directly to oncology for labs and fluids prior to Brayden's chemo.
  • Brayden will be receiving Carboplatin on weeks 1 & 4.
  • Carboplatin can cause kidney problems, electrolyte issues, low counts, and hearing loss.
  • He will receive Vincristine weekly for eight weeks.
  • Vincristine can cause constipation, severe pain in jaw, face, legs, or back, and can cause difficulty walking.
  • Both of these drugs can cause hair loss, nausea, vomiting, and mouth sores.
  • There are 4 scripts waiting for us in the pharmacy including zofran for nausea, miralax for constipation, oxycodone for pain (he is not allowed to take any over the counter pain relievers), and an antibiotic that he will take twice daily for three days out of every week indefinitely.
  • He will have weekly labs initially.
After hearing all of these things I think I might be getting cold feet. How am I supposed to let them inject these toxic drugs into my baby knowing all of the terrible things that it can cause. A lot of chemo moms I have talked to say this protocol isn't terrible, but we clearly have the worst luck imaginable. What if all of these potential side effects actually happen to Brayden???? Here is to hoping that things will again look better in morning.......

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