Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Charity Softball Tournament

Last weekend was the the charity softball tournament! To be honest our Saturday morning was pretty rough. Brayden didn't want to eat or drink much, but I kept pushing. He finally managed to drink a little milk and eat a couple of bites of pancakes. After that he was exhausted so I put him back to bed for a little bit before we were heading out to see the girls play. Unfortunately he woke himself up when he began throwing up the stuff I made him eat and drink..... After giving him a bath, cleaning up his room, and calling the oncall practitioner (who said to watch his diapers, push liquids, and call her back if he wasn't better later) we headed to the tournament.  The girls did an awesome job making posters and decorating the fence......
In between their games we got a picture, and the girls were all very happy to meet Brayden. I wish he had been feeling better because they didn't really even to get the normal happy Brayden, it was really all he could do to muster up a smile for them. Brayden slept through the majority of the game, and Lizzy made a new friend who wanted to take her to the mudpit to play. My sister nearly had heart failure at the thought of muddy white keds and it gave us all a good laugh.  
The girls won the award for best costume which was well deserved!
I wish we could have stayed longer, but it was pretty cold and Brayden just wasn't feeling good. We said goodbye to the girls and headed home where Brayden drank a tiny amount of milk and went down for a nap.
The girls played very well and made it all the way to the championship where they placed second...... Congratulations to "Braydens Brigade" aka the Oak Grove Lady Heat for a job well done!

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