Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Emergency Room Adventure

On Saturday evening Brayden was not feeling any better, and just wasn't himself. For the day he had only had around 8 ounces to drink, and his lips were very dry. After calling and talking to the nurse practitioner again, it was determined that Brayden needed to go to the emergency room to be evaluated. Granma and I packed Brayden into the car and headed downtown.
After arriving we were taken to a room pretty quickly because Brayden is on active chemotherapy and is immunocompromised. While in the ER Brayden had labs drawn, received an IV fluid bolus, had a chest xray, had a nose swab, and received IV rocephin (an antibiotic). They offered to keep him overnight if we wanted, but they didn't think it was necessary.
We finally got home around 2AM, and Brayden got his bath and jammies. I offered him a bottle and he refused. He went to bed around 3AM and slept until 11AM...... I guess he was one tired little man :)

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