Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fundraiser and chemo week #5

The last week has been pretty rough for this momma, although Brayden is really doing pretty well. Sometime around Friday morning I fell apart, and to this moment I don't really know what happened. I was simply filled with anger and frustration about what is happening to us, and I threw myself a solid pity party that lasted through the weekend. On Sunday we celebrated granma's birthday and Brayden and Lizzy enjoyed some dirt cake! Granma's birthday is officially today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANMA!

Today was Brayden's fundraiser hosted by my work family, and to say that it was a huge success is almost an understatement. Brayden and I arrived with my family a little after 11, and there were already people there! After seeing the event my coworkers had put together I had an emotional moment and I couldn't stop crying. Silly, I know..... I guess in my mind I had wondered if people would come to support Brayden, but people definitely came! Some people were acquaintances, some people I knew pretty well, and some people I had never met before. I was simply amazed by the amount of people that came out to support us on this journey. The tacos were homemade and delicous, as were all the baked goods Brayden and I tried.  I don't have the words to express the gratitude I feel towards everyone who participated today, so I will simply say thank you!
When it was time to head to oncology for chemo, we headed towards the car. Brayden felt warm to me, and I thought his runny nose/cough was getting worse. Upon arriving to the clinic, he had a temp of 100.4 and his heart rate was high also. They got his port accessed and his labs drawn. I was a little concerned we were going to be headed to the direction of a hospital admission depending on his labs, and it seemed like an eternity passed while we were waiting. Brayden and I got cozy in a recliner, turned the lights down and he drank a bottle. Then bret ran back to KU to get the money from the fundraiser, Brayden went to sleep, and the nurse got his fluids running.
When his labs were back I was so suprised to see his ANC was 3000, up from 490 last week! His platelets are within normal range also. His hemoglobin is still trending down, but just barely so we will take it! After seeing his labs, they ordered his Carboplatin. They brought us his premeds (Benadryl and Zofran), so I woke him up and started giving him the Benadryl. He took maybe half the syringe before he started gagging, and then proceeded to puke sour milk all over himself, me, and the recliner. We were unfortunately alone and in a dark infusion room, but thankfully a nurse walked by as I was stripping Brayden down to his diaper and she went to get our nurse. Our nurse was kind enough to bring Brayden a clean oversized t shirt in case he got sick again because I only had one clean change of clothes. They decided to give his Benadryl and Zofran IV, and then they got his chemo started. That IV benadryl knocked him out and he slept the rest of the time. Chemo afternoons are good for one thing, and that is baby cuddles!
His infusion finished around 5, and then we were headed for home. We went to dinner with granma, granpa, and my sisters family to celebrate granmas birthday. Brayden ate pretty well, and was in a suprisingly good mood considering the day. Right now, Brayden is playing ball with his dad becuase I don't want to put him to bed without some Zofran, and he can't have it for another 30 minutes......
 Hopefully tomorrow will not be as difficult as I am anticipating, and the meds will work to keep Brayden from throwing up. The Carboplatin seems to affect him for a couple days, so I hope the next couple of days pass quickly and uneventfully. I also hope that this virus goes away and doesn't get worse because we would really love to go cheer for the Oak Grove Lady Heat this weekend at their charity softball tournament, but time will tell.......


  1. You re an inspiration to me Momma! Brayden is a little trooper! I love you guys and only saw you a short moment at the taco fundraiser. Much love and prayers to all of you. Definitely in my thoughts and prayers always :)

  2. You are amazing people! It takes amazing people to care for a very special baby!! I am in tears reading your story. I am going to do everything I can do to help families and children just like you and yours to help ease the hurt. I know I can never take it away (as much as I would love to be able too!!) I promise to help in everyway that I can. Hang in there guys. I think you are amazing!!