Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

The last week has been easier than the week before! Brayden was sleepy and didn't have a great appetite after chemo this week, but he never actually threw up. On Thursday I felt like he was having jaw pain from the chemo, although he is working on some molars, so it could have just been strong teething pain. Regardless of the cause, the pain required him to receive his first dose of oxycodone. By Friday my smiling and starving Brayden was back. He is mostly still full of smiles, and while we are doing our best to keep Brayden away from strangers so we can keep him from getting sick, he has still been a few places and had some fun. He even went to the park, although he hated the slide. He would prefer to walk around the playground looking instead of actually playing. If walking around can be a hobby, it is definitely his!
Photo: Standing (and walking) with Brayden!
Lizzy so desperately wants him to be able to play with her....
She is turning out to be quite the little helper when she wants to be!
On Wednesday we received Brayden's gait trainer. It is unfortunately too short for Brayden so our PT is going to get him a taller frame. I hope it will be here very soon as he did enjoy it and he was able to get around so much better. The only real problem was that he couldn't really sit down and his stamina just isn't strong enough to not sit some. The taller one will allow for him to sit down more comfortably.
He is trying to sit in this picture. When he is walking the support around his chest/waist is lower,
so it's not pushing his arms up....
 On Thursday we layed low, and then on Friday we went and got some pictures taken. We have found a photographer at JC Penney's who seems to have a soft spot for Brayden, and she can make him laugh very easily. She is very accommodating of Brayden, and this time she even wiped everything off with bleach wipes because she knows he is taking chemo. She also affered to come in and take pictures of Brayden when the studio is closed if we need her to.... and she did an amazing job as usual! I am always so touched by her consideration and kindness.
They really do love each other....
after Lizzy figured out we were taking pics she was done and wouldn't go near him 
I worked the weekend, and Brayden stayed with granma and granpa. I wish I could have been home with Brayden to help him open his Easter basket, but I couldn't be, so daddy filled in. It appears the Easter Bunny was incredibly generous to Brayden and Lizzy, as well as my little nephew who is still cooking! Thanks to granma for telling that Easter Bunny exactly what they wanted....


Tomorrow is a big day for Brayden. We start at 0830 in the hearing clinic (please no more fluid or we will be headed to an ENT specialist), then we go to oncology for chemo/labs (please let his counts be trending up instead of down), and then we will be headed to an eye exam at 1045 (please don't let them find something to further concern us). I am hopeful that Brayden will be cooperative for all of these activities and it will be an uneventful morning so we can be back home playing in a reasonable amount of time.
Today I had someone tell me how much they enjoyed reading Brayden's blog and it meant more than I could express. It continue to amaze me how much people really care.....
A friend of a friend got Brayden's facebook up and going, and it has received 115 likes so far. The name of his page is "Standing with Brayden" and we are hoping to spread the word about Brayden via facebook. The more positive thoughts and prayers there are, the better the chance is for a miracle right? So I guess what I am saying is if you haven't liked the page yet would you pretty pretty please like it? Thanks for reading and supporting us on this very difficult journey:)

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