Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our first oncology admission (Week #6)

On Sunday morning Brayden got up around 11AM, took his zofran, and drank a few ounces of milk. He had one bite of a scrambled egg, and then proceeded to vomit everywhere..... We got him cleaned up, dosed him with some more zofran and he was back in bed by noon. He woke up a little later and we headed over to Aunt Jill's to help with gardening. Brayden laid down in Logans crib (my nephew who is still cooking for a few more months) and went right to sleep. When he got up the next time I offered him juice and milk, both in a cup and a bottle, and he refused. I paged the practitioner, and we headed outside to "help" landscape......
When the practitioner called back she confirmed my worst fears. He would be admitted to the oncology unit at Childrens Mercy ASAP. She also told me that his nasal swab had tested positive for not one, but two viruses. That's our kind of luck right there..... so I headed home to pack us some stuff. When we got to the hospital we got Brayden settled in a wagon and headed for admitting.
We were given directions to our room on 4 Henson which is the oncology floor. Due to Brayden having those viruses he was put into contact and droplet isolation. That means that any staff member entering Brayden's room must wear a mask and a yellow gown, and was not impressed. I think the masks scared him.
On our first night, Brayden got a fluid bolus to help the dehydration and also blood because his hemoglobin was low. That made for kind of a long night because they took vitals hourly with the blood and it got started around 9. They also take scheduled vitals at 8,12, and 4.
The next day Brayden basically slept all day and continued to refuse fluids. Granma was kind enough to stay with Brayden so Bret and I could go home together. I think they had a rough night......
Yesterday Brayden was a little more himself, and he ate 1/2 a pancake for breakfast with 3 oz milk. He then proceeded to vomit everything back up...... They gave him some zofran and he took a nap. He ate some lunch, drank 3 oz of milk and managed to keep it down :)They went ahead an gave his Vincristine today so we could stay on schedule with his Chemo protocol. He ate a good dinner, and drank his milk and miralax before bed...... they told us he could go home the next day as long as he ate and drank good at breakfast.
Today Brayden ate an excellent breakfast and drank good too! A facebook friend brought us a bag of goodies, and she knew just what we needed! Thankfully we got discharged around lunch and headed home. Brayden was so good and even wore his mask when we went to the car and when we stopped to get some milk on the way home. It is almost as if he knows that wearing a mask will help keep him out of the hospital......When we got admitted Sunday afternoon, I figured we would be there one night. Little did I know!
Since we have been home, he is back to his happy self, although he is definitely deconditioned from only laying in a crib/cuddling with mom for 4 days. He and I both are very happy to be home in our own beds and I am hoping that it is not going to be like this every month when he takes his Carboplatin. Our physician reassures us that he was only this sick because of the respiratory virus and I desperately hope they are right :) 

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