Friday, May 3, 2013

Brain Tumor Awareness Month

May is brain tumor awareness month. Who knew? Before Brayden was diagnosed I had no idea that this month even existed, nor did I know that brain tumor ribbons were the color gray. I have also recently learned that pediatric low grade astrocytoma research is critically underfunded.
According to the Pediatric Low Grade Astrocytoma Foundation and Boston Childrens Hospital:
"Dramatic advances in our capacity to diagnose, treat, and prevent cancers have brought us to a moment when scientific discovery and technology have converged to turn the tide in our fight against these diseases. YET, even with medicine's many advances, low-grade astrocytomas remain largely under researched and under funded, with treatments unchanged for 25 years. Little is know about low-grade gliomas (LGG) as attention and funding focused on these types of tumors has lagged behind that of high-grade gliomas. Without funding, there is no research. Without research, there is little hope for children diagnosed with PLGA."
That being said, the treatment for Brayden's tumor continues to be the same treatment from 25 years ago. How is this even possible knowing how far medical science has come?! I desperately hope that through this experience Brayden and I can increase awareness and hopefully make our contribution in some way to pediatric low grade astrocytoma research so that the outcomes may be different in the future for children and parents who receive this devastating diagnosis.

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