Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!
We had a wonderful day today with my family. We started with breakfast at Perkins (the corner cafe would have been better but they had an hour wait). Brayden ate like a champ and then we headed off to the zoo! It was a little chilly when we got there, but the day warmed up nicely! We saw some animals, and then came upon a playground. Brayden tried the slide while Lizzy played on the playground..... but he wasn't really that impressed.
Then they rode the merry go round......
and then we went to see the elephants!
Brayden and Lizzy tired out pretty quickly so we didn't get to see all the animals, but no biggie, I am sure there will be many more zoo adventures in our future! After leaving the zoo we went back to granmas to have dinner and dessert while the babies took a very much needed nap :) Thanks to my dad and husband for making a delicious mothers day dinner!
As I write this blog, Brayden and Bret are playing ball and having a blast. Tomorrow is our MRI and we will know if the chemo is working or not. It will be a moment of truth for me and I am pretty stressed out about what the MRI will show.  In some ways the MRI will help us to know what to expect. To my understanding the best case scenario would most likely be that their is "no growth". I guess shrinkage is pretty uncommon in this scenario so we are hoping that the tumor will remain "stable" in size with the chemotherapy.
Those of you that know me know that I am a "planner" and I like to know what to expect. Being in this brain tumor world makes being a planner difficult because it is really impossible to really plan anything. We have no idea what will happen next week or next month with Brayden. Things can just change so quickly for him. Regardless of all that, I am hoping that after we get our results tomorrow we can get a trip planned. I want to take Brayden to the beach while he is feeling good and he can really enjoy it.
We are scheduled to be in oncology at 0830 for port access and then we will head over to radiology for the MRI, which is scheduled at 1000. Brayden will be sedated for this MRI so he will have to "recover" for a short time after the MRI. Dr G should call us with some results late tomorrow. I am sure I will be waiting by the phone like a silly school girl, but I just can't help it!

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  1. Wishing and praying for good news for the little man! Always in my thoughts and heart.