Monday, May 13, 2013

Post treatment MRI

Today was Braydens first MRI after beginning chemotherapy. Going into today I was secretly hoping for a miracle, wondering if we might be lucky enough for the tumor to shrink.....
We started in oncology where Brayden got accessed and flirted with his new girlfriend Kathleen. She has been our nurse the last few weeks and he seems to really like her.
Then we headed to radiology for the MRI, which was uneventful. Brayden and I were separated for a VERY LONG 90 minutes. Thanks to my sister I have developed a candy crush addiction, and I lost all my lives during the MRI :( During my 20 minute wait for more lives I was basically climbing the walls watching the clock.
Finally we were reunited with the most drugged and sleepy Brayden I have ever seen. He was laid up on the nurses shoulder and he clearly didn't know who was holding him or what had happened.  He was more sleepy today than he was after his brain biopsy. The nurse gave us our discharge instructions and then we headed for the car. In many ways, this is when the waiting really began.
We got home around 1245 and I got a limp Brayden out of his car seat and laid him in his crib. He never even woke up. I did my best to stay busy with cleaning and other projects around the house while I clutched my cell phone waiting for our oncologist to call for the next 2+ hours.  My house is pretty clean and our junk drawer is well organized :)
We finally heard from our oncologist around 3pm. He told us that Brayden's tumor was measuring the same as his previous MRI and that his ventricles are also measuring the same. The ventricle size is important because the tumor is extending into the ventricles. That seemed like good news to me, but then there was a "BUT". Apparently there is some "enhancement with contrast" noted. With adults "enhancement" normally progresses to tumor growth, but in pediatrics the correlation between "enhancement" and future growth isn't certain. It is unkown at this point if it will progress or not. Tomorrow we will meet with our oncologist to look at and discuss the images further. As of today, the current plan is to continue with chemo as previously planned (for a total time of 1 year) and get another MRI in two months to see if the tumor has progresse.
Some preliminary thoughts of mine:
  •  Our baseline MRI was at the end of January and we did not begin chemo until March 19th. 
  •  Our baseline MRI was at a different location on a different MRI machine.
  • At least the tumor size is the same at this point, it could have grown.
  • Brayden remains happy and pretty healthy considering the chemo he is taking.
  • Brayden is still doing new things and for that I am grateful.  
More to come tomorrow after we meet with our oncologist........

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