Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week #10

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Today we  went for our scheduled oncology visit. Brayden should have received his chemo today but after checking his labs we learned that he didn't make counts for the second week in a row. His ANC last week was 680, and this week it was 738. To receive chemo his ANC (absolute neutrophil count) must be >750. At first the nurses thought that we might be "close enough" but after checking with the physician it was determined it would not be safe for Brayden to get chemo because his monocyte count is also low(Monocytes turn into neutrophils). The thought process is that Brayden doesn't have enough immature white cells to compensate for a chemo dose this week.
 We got zero chemo last week so I am unclear as to how his counts have not recovered yet.
My ultimate concern is that Brayden is not receiving the treatment that is supposed to be keeping this tumor in check (if it's even working). It is so frustrating when I think that the tumor could be growing! Our NP has decided that the antibiotic (Bactrim) Brayden takes 3 days a week to reduce his risk for lower respiratory infections could be contributing to his decreased white blood cell production. Knowing that, she told us to only give him that medication 2 days a week instead of three.
Hopefully we will be able to keep Brayden well until next Tuesday so he can take his chemo. If he catches anything we will likely not make counts again. We are already two weeks behind now, and his MRI will have to be pushed back again. Our Pensacola trip was supposed to be at the very end of a cycle, but now it looks as if it will be mid cycle. I desperately hope that we can get back on track, and stay on track so he won't be sick during our trip.
Lizzy has had a fever for the last few days and her pediatrician is unsure if it is a virus or if it could be caused be teething. Unfortunately, that means we will have to stay away from Lizzy and anyone who has come into contact with her for a few days. It is so unfair to everyone, but especially Lizzy and Brayden that it has to be this way, but exposing him to a possible virus is not a risk I am willing to take. Hopefully they will be reunited this weekend :)
 In my mind I know that chemo is our best option, but if he can't tolerate the chemo than it can't help him. I am trying to stay positive and upbeat, but I am having a hard time today. Hopefully things will look better in the morning......

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  1. Stay strong, Momma!! And rub on those worry stones!