Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week #7

Photo: I may not like juice.  I may not like tea.  But I sure like Cherry Limeade!!!!
It has been a hot minute since my last blog :) That basically means that our lives have been pretty uneventful which is a nice change from last week! Brayden is doing much better since getting discharged from the hospital, drinking and eating like my little champ! On Sunday Brayden helped our family with some projects at his Aunt Jill's while I worked...... and by help I mean drink cherry limeade. On Monday he went to pick up the lawn mower with daddy and relaxed mostly. Then on Tuesday we headed to the clinic so Brayden could get his labs drawn and his chemo.
 The clinic was mostly uneventful! His hemoglobin is up, which we we can thank the blood he got during his admission for that. His platelets are down, but not too low so that's good. His ANC on the other hand has dropped to 110. Two weeks ago his ANC was 3000 so it has dropped a lot. This is the lowest it has been since Brayden started chemo. He is severely neutropenic, and basically has to wear a mask if we are going to be in close proximity to people. He is getting better at wearing his mask, but he still doesn't love it.

After going home and getting some lunch and a nap we headed to the bank so Brayden could make a deposit. We continue to receive donations here and there and we are so appreciative of peoples genuine kindness and generosity! Adams Dairy Bank was kind enough to get Brayden this balloon and he had a great time with it. I wish the people at the bank could have seen his smile when he got his balloon but he was wearing his mask :(

On Wednesday I had some classes at work so Brayden stayed at granmas for most of the day, and this picture was snapped during granpas lunch break! Brayden and Lizzy are definitely besties!

After picking him up from granmas after his nap we came home and I did some work in the yard. Brayden LOVES being outside. He sat under the tree in the shade and played on his blanket for 2 hours while I got some stuff done. Ridiculous Missouri weather right? 24 hours after taking this picture its sleeting. SERIOUSLY?

Today Brayden and I headed over to the Broadway clinic for his eye appointment, and I am proud to say that we got a GREAT report. Patching his right eye has worked to strengthen his left eye and they are not recommending any further intervention at this time. I can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for now. They will see Brayden back in 3-4 months. The doctor suggested that he may need further patching at that time, but we will see!


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