Monday, June 3, 2013

Early Fathers Day

Today Bret tried to mow the yard and our lawn mower broke for the second time since spring :( That being said, Bret received a new mower as an early Fathers Day present.
Tomorrow is an important day for us since this is week four of the cycle yet Brayden has received zero chemo during this cycle. We are desperately hoping Brayden will make counts and take his chemo, although I feel like that probably won't be the case. Unfortunately, Brayden has been ill (cough + runny nose) since Thursday of last week. I thought he was looking better this morning, but as the day progressed he began to deteriorate. I tried to get him to nap on three different occasions but he refused to sleep. Late this afternoon he felt warm and I checked his temp and got an even 100. This evening he has been inconsolable unless he is in his spot which basically consists of Brayden straddling my waist with his head laying on my chest. His fever is gone now, and I finally got him to sleep and into his crib a little after nine. I hope he is able to get some rest tonight and that he will be less miserable tomorrow. I hope even more that his fever stays away.......

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