Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fever?! (Week #13)

We woke Brayden up at 6 this morning to get ready, he ate breakfast and drank his milk like a little rock star. As we headed to the clinic this morning I was confident that it would be uneventful. In my mind I thought we would be home by 9:30. We got there a tiny bit early and we were playing in the waiting room when I thought he feeling warm. When they checked his temp he was 100, and I didn't think too much about it, but then they checked his blood pressure and pulse, and the machine started alarming "high". His pulse got all the way up to 170 beats per minute, which is very high for Brayden as he normally runs around 115. We got settled into our recliner and it became apparent that Brayden was not feeling good. He cried over access for the first time since March, and was very restless.  Brayden's counts all came back great, thank goodness or we may have been admitted. His ANC is 2000 which is higher than it was before taking chemo last week! Our NP says we should expect a drop for next week but I am hoping it won't be too significant as my parents would like to take Brayden on a weekend trip to Arkansas for a family reunion next weekend. After labs he laid down and basically slept for the next 4 hours. During those long four hours they monitored his temp as it climbed and finally decided it would be best to go ahead and draw blood cultures and administer a dose of IV antibiotics. The antibiotic should last for 24 hours which means we don't have to worry about fevers during this time. If he spikes a temp after tomorrow at noon, then the process will start over again. If his ANC remains >500 he will not be admitted for fevers as long as he eats/drinks/plays like he normally does.
 Brayden has been a little fussy over the last few days and I have wondered if he may be uncomfortable. We have been avoiding giving Brayden oxycodone unless he is clearly extremely uncomfortable, but after discussing it with our NP today, I am feeling better about giving it to him. Up to this point I felt like giving him narcotics for teething pain or mild discomfort is equivalent to me taking an oxycodone for a headache. Our NP suggested giving the oxycodone anytime we would give Tylenol (if we were allowed to use Tylenol), and I guess I had never really thought about it like that so that helped.
We hope that Brayden just has a virus and that his body will compensate on it's own. It is possible that all of this could be the beginning of blood infection related to Braydens central line (port). At this point he is maintaining his blood pressure and has no other signs pointing towards a bloodstream infection other than his temp, and for that I am extremely grateful. I head back to work for two days starting Thursday and Brayden will be staying with granma. I hope this passes quickly so they can have some fun, but at the very least I hope they won't have to go back to clinic for more cultures or antibiotics. In the meantime Brayden continues to be his happy self (mostly) and keeps handing out those sweet baby kisses that I can't get enough of :)


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