Monday, June 10, 2013

Labor of Love :)

 As you all know, Brayden took his chemo last week, so he has spent a large amount of time sleeping since last Tuesday. That gave me the opportunity to create a clean and safe outdoor space for Brayden as it is not safe for him to go to the park, and I must say it was a LOT of work. I restained the deck on Thursday as it hasn't been stained in 3 years and looked really terrible. Then on Saturday I put the first coat of new paint on our outdoor furniture and laid some padded flooring so Brayden could scoot around.
On Sunday I put the second coat on the furniture and bought Brayden some toys for his space.....
Today Bret hung the swing and the baby gate while I put the new cushions out and planted some flowers. I am pleased to say that the space turned out great and Brayden loves it! All of that work was totally worth the baby giggles he gave us while swinging in his new space.
Overall Brayden is doing well. He is not eating or drinking as well as normal, but he is getting by. He is fussy at times and while I could speculate a million different reasons for it, I really have no idea. He is working on getting some molars, so that could be it. It could also be nausea, nerve pain, constipation, or who knows what else. It normally passes within a couple of hours so we are grateful for that. Tomorrow we are headed to the clinic to get Brayden's labs checked. We are back on schedule with his treatment plan, so Brayden will not get chemo tomorrow. His next scheduled chemo day will be on July 2nd, and we will just have weekly labs until then. We should be in and out of clinic in about  an hour providing that Brayden will not need any transfusions, which I am not anticipating.....

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