Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week #14

He went to clinic this morning, and Brayden did awesome as usual! Unfortunately his counts are trending down, and his ANC is only 610. This is the time in the cycle when we are unsure if his counts are still trending down, or if they are starting to recover.
Brayden was tentatively going to be driving to Arkansas with my parents for a family reunion this weekend. Ultimately our team left it up to our discretion, but told us that if he spiked a temp he would have to go to the nearest ER for labs/cultures and an IV antibiotic. They also told us that if he had a temp in the ER and his ANC had dropped below 500, Brayden would be transferred and admitted to a childrens hospital in Little Rock (about 90 miles from the reunion) for observation and at least 24 hours of antiboitics. After discussing it with our oncology team, and learning what must happen if Brayden spikes a temp, it has been decided that he should stay home :(
I am desperately hoping that his counts will cooperate for our scheduled beach vacation, but we will see......

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