Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week #15

The last week has been mostly uneventful, and Brayden had been in an excellent mood aside for a few evenings which we are grateful for. He spent the weekend with granma while granpa made the trip to Arkansas with my uncle. We went to dinner last night with my parents, and Brayden devoured a cheeseburger patty and some fries. Its so nice to see him doing normal kid things.
Last night he played peekaboo with his bath towel with Bret and I. To be honest I really have no idea where brayden is on the spectrum of developmental milestones, but I do know that he is significantly delayed. I prefer to not know because I don't want to be stressed out about what he is or isn't doing, but I do know that initiating peekabo is a 10ish month old milestone. Given Braydens history, and current diagnosis I am simply relieved that we are still checking milestones off, no matter how far behind he may be :)
I noticed last night that Brayden seemed to be coughing a lot but didn't think too much about it. Today in clinic his counts were AWESOME, and all but his platelets are trending up! He coughed a lot in clinic so I asked the practitioner to listen to his lungs. After listening to him it was determined he needed a chest xray as she heard some "slight wheezes" and she mentioned that he wasn't moving as much air on the right as he should have been. The chest xray ruled out pneumonia, but showed some atelectasis (a collapse or closure of the lung resulting in reduced or absent gas exchange. It may affect part or all of one lung). That being said, we were sent on our way with some oral antibiotics and instructed to call if Brayden deteriorated further. This was another lab appointment that should have taken an hour, but it took three. I have finally learned to not make any plans on clinic days as you never know what may happen......
In other news, Brayden will be receiving a "Logan bear" soon thanks to everyones donations! This bear will be specially made for Brayden by an organization called Teddy Bear Care Boxes. This bear will have gray colored feet and ears to symbolize brain cancer, and will have a gold ribbon around its neck to symbolize childhood cancer. The bear will also have "Brayden" embroidered on one of its feet. Thanks again to everyone who donated :)
We hope that the next week passes as uneventfully as the last and that Brayden makes a fast recovery with his antibiotics. We are starting to get some things together for our trip, and we are excited! Not only am I excited to go to my favorite place (the beach) but I am also excited to spend some uninterrupted time with Brayden and my family while making lifelong memories and having some real fun!!

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