Saturday, July 6, 2013


Brayden did awesome the entire way to the beach! We left at 4 yesterday afternoon and we arrived late this morning. He rode 15+ hours in his car seat with minimal fussing and zero tears. He tailgated to stretch his legs when we stopped and napped or played (mostly played) the entire way. Even I was surprised at how well he did. From a post chemo standpoint, he is doing well. He is eating and drinking like he should, and only required 1 dose of nausea medicine today.
After arriving in Pensacola Beach we got out and stretched our legs. It was rainy but we decided to check out the pool and the beach anyways. I was nervous that Brayden would be afraid after we drove all the way down here, but he wasn't. He wanted to walk right in, and he was laughing at the waves. He enjoyed it so much that he and I both got wet and required a clothes change.....
Overall, making these memories has been as fantastic as I had hoped it would be. At times it is a bittersweet feeling knowing that we are taking videos of Brayden fully knowing that we may never get to do these things with him again. In the moment I always push those feelings aside and am normally able to be grateful that we have been given the opportunity to make these memories.
Thanks to my parents for being here with us and for making this trip happen!
We are hoping for some sun tomorrow so we can get out and build some sandcastles for Brayden to knock over...... but I am not sure the forecast is going to cooperate.

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