Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week #18

We are settling back into our home routine now that vacation is officially over. I was a little concerned that Brayden would have difficulty transitioning back into his routine since he had not done virtually anything on his schedule since we left for vacation. On vacation he had late evening dinners, days with zero naps, and some nights he even stayed up until after 10. He really learned how to play with the big kids. Thankfully he transitioned well and Brayden is napping as I write this blog. Bret and I both go back to work tomorrow after quite a long stretch, and I don't think either if us is too pumped, but it is what it is right?
Today was our first clinic visit, and needle stick for Brayden in 14 days! We managed to make it in and out in less than 45 minutes (including parking)! Brayden got accessed and the nurse asked if we would be waiting for the lab results. I didn't even know that not waiting was an option! After drawing his labs she flushed his port with his Heparin, and deaccessed him. No sticky dressings to pull off after labs come back?! Awesome! She sent us on our way and told us she would call me with the lab results. Leaving before the results are up was much faster, and while we take the risk of having to drive back to the hospital if his labs are too abnormal, its a risk I am willing to take! I like to think that I know my little man well enough that I would know if his hemoglobin or platelets were too low, and then of course we would wait.
About an hour after we left she called with his results. ANC 550, Hemoglobin 10.5 and platelets 152. His hemoglobin is good, platelets are mediocre, and his ANC is low, but we expected that. His ANC typically bottoms out around this point in the cycle so I anticipate it will be trending up next week.  

In other news, Brayden has officially graduated from his high chair to a booster seat. It is amazing how much bigger the kitchen feels without a high chair in it :)

One must always eat their pancakes off a plate with their pinky finger extended :)
Another task I have been working on is organizing all of our pictures and videos of Brayden onto an external hard drive. It is a bit of an emotional task at times, but as I watch each video I am amazed out how far Brayden has really come. I am so grateful that we have taken these videos and pictures to document our lives with Brayden....... He is growing up so fast!

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