Sunday, August 11, 2013

Volleyball Fundraiser

I am pleased to say that our Sand Volleyball Fundraiser yesterday was a HUGE success and my niece and very new nephew even made it out to "Stand with Brayden" in their shirts.
The tournament consisted of 15 teams and the 2 teams that made it to the championship received tshirts. There were some really good teams there too! We also had great raffle items thanks to our amazing friends, coworkers, and a few local businesses.
We raised more money than I thought was possible and we met lots of amazing people who are following Brayden's journey and praying for him. I am always amazed at how kind and generous people are! Brayden had a great time and stayed until 1230ish. He is sorry he couldn't stay longer to greet everyone who came later but he just couldn't keep his eyes open anymore.
 The "Standing with Brayden" team did not make it into the bracket to play for the championship but they sure had fun!
Thanks so much to Centerline in Blue Springs for hosting our fundraiser, and a special thanks to Brayden's therapist Laura for getting this fundraiser going!
We have some shirts and bracelets left from yesterday that are available for purchase.....
Just send a check ($5 for a bracelet and $18 for a shirt) to Standing with Brayden @ PO Box 450 Grain Valley Mo 64029 and I will mail it back to you!
Brayden's nose was running a little yesterday and I had hoped he was just teething. Unfortunately today he has a full blown cough with serious congestion and a runny nose. So far he has no fever, and is acting like my Brayden so we are hoping to sneak through this virus uneventfully!

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  1. I think Logan was actually "Snoozing with Brayden" :)