Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week #21

As I type the "title" of this blog, I truly cannot believe it has been 21 weeks since my world was turned upside down and I began living a mothers worst nightmare. In some ways the time has passed slowly, but in other ways the time is passing alarmingly fast. Regardless of, we are pushing forward, and Brayden continues to be a rockstar! It has been a pretty busy time for us because I have been spending time rocking my sweet little nephew, and surprisingly enough Brayden really isn't that jealous.
On Friday we went and got fitted for DAFO's (bilateral foot braces) and it went smoothly. They put a fast drying plaster on his feet one at a time and then cut it off. Brayden surprised me because he didn't mind a bit! We picked out the color and design for his braces and that was it :) They should be ready in 4 ish weeks.
I worked the weekend and Brayden stayed with his maw maw and paw paw. He LOVES his paw paw. That baby will cry if even I take him away from paw paw!  On Monday we spent time doing some much needed cleaning/organizing at home. Tuesday we went to the clinic only to find it was uninhabitable for some unknown issue. After standing around for a while outside the clinic, we were sent to the outpatient lab so Brayden could get an arm poke for labs. He did amazingly well and only flinched when she stuck his arm. No tears! In some ways I am so proud at how brave he has become, but then I also feel sad because no child should have to be this brave.
Yesterday Brayden accomplished a huge milestone. Brayden has been scooting around on his bottom for quite some time and he has really gotten that motion refined. Unfortunately he was unable to get from laying down to sitting. He just couldn't get that transition figured out....... until yesterday! We worked on transitioning quite a bit in the afternoon (and we have been working on it for months) and then after dinner he did it all by himself! I think I was more impressed than he was but I don't even care. He is well on his way to pulling to a stand, which will eventually turn into walking.
Before getting his diagnosis in March, I was really hoping that Brayden would be walking by his second birthday. After he began chemo I had really began to wonder if he would get there, but it currently seems that the goal of walking by January could be possible!
This weekend is Brayden's sand volleyball fundraiser at Centerline. Brayden will be there at 10 to help with registration and he will stay until he decides he needs a nap (aka: gets too cranky).
There will be delicious food and drinks available for purchase and we have some good raffle items as well! Brayden will also be selling tshirts and bracelets. It should be fun and the weather is supposed to be really nice so come on out and meet Brayden!

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