Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week #23

As I began this blog I realized that it has been 9 days since my last one..... I am not sure what happened to those days but I would desperately like to have them back! Brayden has been doing so many new things recently, and I am very excited for him. He has really turned a corner recently in terms of his development. He is mimicking a lot more things, and he is finally walking!!
As you can see he struggles some, and falls down a LOT, but he LOVES it! At this point he can't pull himself to a stand, but I am sure he will get that figured out soon.

I have found that since our last MRI I have relaxed some about Brayden. I have started working some 3 day work weeks and we had really started to find a groove. That being said, there is nothing like an unexpected trip to the ER for a fever that jerks you back into the "paranoid oncology/chemo mom" mindset. Towards the end of my shift yesterday Bret called and said Brayden had a fever. I gave him the number to call and calmly attempted to finish my charting while assuming he wouldn't have to go to the ER because his ANC was 800 last time it was checked. Unfortunately the oncology person on the phone didn't feel the same way and Bret called back to tell me they were headed for the ER. I can not even express in words how difficult it was to know that Brayden was headed for the ER and I couldn't be there when he arrived, or be home to get his stuff together so he would have everything he needed.  I will say that Bret did well in my absence and managed to get everything they needed!

I arrived to the ER at 8 to find that Bret and Brayden were rocking (unaccessed) in a recliner. Finally the nurse came in and got some vitals, accessed Brayden's port, and in usual fashion (when we anywhere except oncology) it took 2 sticks, and Brayden was not happy about it. GGRR. They drew cultures, got a chest xray, and gave him two different antibiotics. They believe he has a virus as his cultures are negative at this point. His ANC was nearly 2500, his platelets were 149, and his hemoglobin was 10.6! These numbers are the most normal numbers we have seen in a while! Total time in the ER for Brayden was 5 hours.

We were discharge around 1215 and headed home. Brayden was not sleepy and "talked" the whole way home. We gave him a bath (that's his indicator its time for bed) and we were all in bed around 1AM. I figured he would sleep late today but that was not the case. He was sitting up in his crib early and was eating breakfast by 8. Guess he is feeling a little better today huh? So far today he has had no fever and fingers crossed it stays that way because we do not want to go back to the ER tonight......


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