Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week #25

Things have been uneventful since chemo last week! Brayden had a couple of rough days, but for the most part he did well. He only had one day of vomiting and a couple days of not wanting to eat or drink.
During last weeks therapy he got to fingerpaint! He liked playing in the paint and pulling the stickers off but he didn't much care for sticking the stickers down. He was his old self wanting to "flick" the stickers instead, but he did finally get his thank you cards made for everyone who helped with the volleyball tournament.
 Over the weekend we went to Santa Cali Gon Days (a huge craft fair with a carnival) and found Brayden a few treasures. There was a small part of me that was sad that we couldn't even go show Brayden the carnival or let his dad win him a stuffed animal, but that moment passed quickly. We also ran into on old friend that we haven't seen in quite some time and he was kind enough to let us take a picture of him and Brayden on his police motorcycle.
 Today we went to clinic for labs and Brayden's numbers look good! ANC 950, hemoglobin 9.7 and his platelets were 241. Then we headed to the Hanger clinic to get his braces.
 He didn't mind them a bit, and even held still to let Byron put them on.
 The bottoms are unfortunately VERY slippery so he will need to wear shoes with them. That being said shoe shopping was our next project. Three hours later this is all we found.....
As you can see by the photo the shoes are significantly longer/wider than the braces, but they are the smallest ones that will tie/Velcro. It does make walking more difficult for Brayden because there is a lot of extra shoe there requiring him to pick his feet up higher. These will work for now, but this momma is still on the hunt for something better!

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