Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week #31

The last week has been jam packed with fun, excitement, and good news. Brayden spent Saturday running errands with Mawmaw and pawpaw, and spent Saturday evening playing at the playground with Lizzy. On Sunday they headed to the pumpkin patch in Liberty and Brayden had a fun day. Unfortunately this momma missed out on all that fun, so we went to the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead on Monday. Brayden had a ball walking around and we took a hayride.
As you can see Brayden was more impressed than Logan, but I think he had fun too. On Tuesday we learned that Brayden's labs were good,  and we headed to the hearing clinic. The audiologist looked in Braydens ears and told us he had "congestion" in his ears. Surprisingly enough, even with the congestion he cooperated and his hearing is unchanged from his sedated hearing screen in July. I was always under the impression that Brayden did not have any hearing loss associated with his chemo. However, we were told that he could not hear some high pitches at the normal level, so I am a little confused by that. Regardless of, those pitches are not important for real life hearing, but they are the first pitches that chemo affects so we will continue to monitor his hearing closely.
Today we went and picked up our new car. After much discussion we decided to downsize to something more economical for us and the environment, so we are now proud owners of a 2013 equinox. I am hoping that between the lower payment and the better gas mileage it will make an impact on our financial situation. Thanks to my dad and his coworkers for making it an easy transition.
For the rest of the afternoon I have been sitting around basically dwelling on what tomorrow will bring. This morning I received a call from oncology to check on Brayden and to notify me that Anesthesiology did not want to do the MRI tomorrow because Brayden tested positive for rhino virus (the common cold) during his hospital admission. Apparently after discussing it with our Oncologist, it has been determined that we will go tomorrow and as long as Brayden does not have a cough or a runny nose they will proceed with the MRI. Yesterday Brayden had a runny nose and a  little cough, so we are hoping he will be well tomorrow. We are scheduled to arrive in radiology at 6AM, so we will have to leave our house shortly after five.
Tonight we are going to dinner with a good friend that has been my bestie since the third grade. She unfortunately is no longer living in town, meaning we don't get to see each other much, so this will be a welcome distraction.
In my heart, I can not imagine that the tumor has grown knowing all the new things Brayden is doing, but in my mind I also know that he had no signs or symptoms when it was growing so I will be relieved when tomorrow is over and we know what the MRI shows. I love that we do these every three months because it reassures me that we are on the right path, but there is also so much anxiety associated with these MRI's. Knowing that tomorrow could be the day that my worst fears come true, or it could be a day that is full of good news and reaffirmation about Braydens treatment drives me bananas in the days leading up to the MRI. I feel like the scanxiety is worse this time, and I am not really sure why, although I am guessing that it has something to do with the fact that this MRI will be the last one until after Christmas and Brayden's 2nd birthday.
Tomorrow we hope for an uneventful port access (please only one stick), that Brayden recovers quickly from the sedation, but most importantly we hope for tumor stability. That being said Brayden needs LOTS of prayers and positive thoughts for tomorrow.

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