Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week #33

On Monday we painted/carved pumpkins. By that I mean that Brayden and I hand painted a small pumpkin and then he napped while Bret and I finished carving. As you can see by the photos Brayden LOVES playing in the paint..... but he does need quite a bit of help and I think we got as much paint on him and the table as we did the pumpkin.
There is no doubt which pumpkin is Braydens!
After we cleaned up the paint Bret cut a pumpkin open and started cleaning it out. Brayden was VERY curious but after touching the inside "guts" of the pumpkin he decided he was not impressed with this activity.....
So he watched momma mark the pumpkin and then headed to his crib for a nap.  
Our pumpkins turned out surprisingly well! However, when I tried to get a pic of the ribbon pumpkin it had this weird light/shadow in it that kept moving when I stood still and to be honest it freaked me out a little.... This pumpkin was virtually right underneath Brayden's bedroom window and while I have always heard about this kind of thing I had never seen it with my own eyes. So weird!
Our little pumpkin family......
Tuesday we headed to clinic as usual and left before counts were back. I finally heard back and his ANC is in the 900's so we are good! Today Brayden is spending a lazy day in his jammies and I am working on his scrapbook. Apparently I have not put anything in it since our fabulous beach vacation so this momma better get to work!

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