Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week # 36

Brayden enjoyed the circus on Saturday with his mawmaw and pawpaw! He got to meet (and ride) a real elephant and meet some clowns.
He then headed to walmart for some serious giggles and running around Wal-Mart. Walking is truly his hobby and I am not sure there is anything he would rather be doing at any given time.
This week has been pretty low stress so far! Brayden made counts and received his chemo as planned. For the last several rounds he has only been receiving 85% of the dose he started with, but given his awesome counts for the last few cycles and his questionable MRI, he received the full dose this cycle. It was mostly uneventful except that somehow his IV meds got out of order and he received a medication that causes nausea before getting his IV Zofran. I was 99.9% sure he was going to vomit all over everything but he managed to hold it down. He then slept for the majority of his chemo infusions which allowed Bret and I to both get some quality cuddles!
After chemo we went to dinner with my Uncle to celebrate Brets birthday. He took us to a delicious BBQ place that I was sure Brayden would enjoy, but I was wrong. For dinner he only wanted sliced pickles and fruit snacks. I chalked it up to him not feeling well and just gave him more pickles.
Yesterday he refused to eat anything more than a yogurt for breakfast but he drank good and that's really all that matters. Yesterday morning we went out to the toy store and I got Brayden a couple of toys for Christmas. He is so hard to shop for because there are very few toys left that are appropriate for him, but I did find a couple things. When we got home he had therapy and he did pretty well considering. Our PT evaluated whether Brayden still needed his AFO braces and ultimately he does. After therapy he took a 4 1/2 hour nap, and had a few fruit snacks for dinner (its fruit right?)
Today he got up and was asking for "gook" which is milk, so I took that as a good sign. He had bottle of milk for breakfast and a 1/2 yogurt for lunch followed by another bottle.
 Clearly he isn't feeling good, but the Benadryl/Zofran combo is working because he has not actually vomited and that is a huge win! I am making soup for dinner so Brayden will hopefully eat some of that with a grilled cheese but who knows/cares at this point as long as he's happy! Normally by Friday he is starting to feel better, so I am hoping he will be ready for some fun tomorrow!
A few weeks ago Brayden started going to "school" on Thursday mornings for an hour. He goes to the Marian Hope Center which is in Independence. At first I was unsure about him going because of the germ factor, but he LOVES it! Surprisingly enough he separates from me with no tears and plays/does a craft with his classmates. There is an OT in this class that I have found helpful, and our developmental therapist and speech therapist who come to our house are in this class too. Its also reassuring that the class is on Thursdays because I know where his counts are and can keep him home if he is neutropenic.

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