Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Since my last post, Brayden has been doing very well! He recovered from his pneumonia quite well and is back to eating and drinking like a champ. His new drink of choice is cherry limeade (juice) and I think its disgustingly sour but he loves it. He is pulling up like a champ and has taken a new liking to wrestling. He walks over to you when your flat on your back, and falls over on top of you. He thinks it is hilarious, and I think its pretty fun too. He is changing every day and I just can not get enough of him.

Over the weekend he went to a Breakfast with Santa activity for kids with special needs while I worked, and while I don't think he is too sure about Santa I think he still had fun. Overall he had a good weekend with my parents and finished his antibiotics yesterday.
Photo: Tonight we took Brayden to "Christmas in the park". He LOVED sitting in the front seat looking at the lights as we drove around! He kept saying  ooooh over and over again. We had to have a bit of fun before chemo tomorrow 󾰀
Last night we took him to look at the lights at Christmas in the Park. He got to ride in the front of the truck and he was VERY impressed with all the lights. He was pointing and saying "ooh" over and over. We waited a while to go through but his smiles were totally worth it.
On a different note, I don't typically say much about what's going on at home in this blog. I would like to request prayers for Brayden's family. Unfortunately this momma is having a rough week (and it's only Tuesday). I am having a hard time staying focused on Brayden and the good things he is doing due to some unnecessary distractions at home. That being said, I am hoping to get reoriented an afternoon of quiet time/cuddles with my little man as him and I will be headed off to chemo very soon!

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