Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Holidays! (Week #?)

Since my last post, I am pleased to say that Brayden has been doing awesome (aside from a very short stent with a stomach virus) and we have been having some fun! After getting home from our hospital admission before Christmas we got right into the fun and baked/decorated holiday cookies.
On Christmas Eve we would have typically been in clinic for labs, but given the previous weeks chemo reaction, and the fact that he only got the partial dose, it was determined he wouldn't need labs for that week. We took that opportunity to take Brayden to Crown Center and Union Station. He had an awesome time, and really enjoyed the trains! It was way more fun than going to clinic.
Brayden had a great Christmas where he got lots of fun toys. Bret and I hosted this year and I am glad we did because it gave us the opportunity to make those memories with Brayden is his own environment. Of course Brayden and Lizzy had a quite a day together as usual.
Since then we have been staying pretty low key as everyone is getting recovered from this stomach virus. Brayden did get to open some additional Christmas toys from Omaha, and I think he enjoyed "helping" put them together more than anything.
I did manage to get our holiday decorations taken down as well, and as I packed Brayden's musical animals and stocking away I found myself to be quite emotional. I desperately hope he will be with us to celebrate Christmas again next year, but I know that there is no guarantee for that. As I have said many times before, I am a realist and can not ignore the statistics, nor can I ignore the fact that he is now unable to take the best treatment for his tumor. Regardless of what may happen, I am very grateful that we were given this Christmas with Brayden and that he was feeling good. I wouldn't trade these memories for anything.
This coming Saturday Brayden will be turning 2 years old! Its hard to believe how much our lives have changed over the last year and how far Brayden has come in such a short time really.  

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