Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week # 38

Brayden has had a busy couple of weeks! He thoroughly enjoyed Thanksgiving, and ate EVERYTHING on his plate.
He has spent some serious quality time with mawmaw and pawpaw since then since as I worked extra because of the holiday. He also got to see Santa over the weekend! I am not sure who gets this event organized, but every year Santa drives through Grain Valley and meets the children, and it's really neat. Brayden even got a stuffed reindeer from the jolly man, although you can see by the photo that Brayden wasn't too sure about the whole thing.
Brayden did awesome at clinic this week, and even though he has been running a low grade fever for a few days his ANC was still 550! For the first time in a while I decided we should leave Brayden accessed and hang out in clinic while we waited for labs. Normally we would not do that, but given the fever and him acting pretty tired, I thought it would be best. Thankfully, I was just being overprotective and all was well! Brayden has been doing great recently and has learned to "rock" his cousins carrier, as well as try to pat him on the back for a burp.
It's amazing to me when I stop and think about this journey, and how far Brayden has come since it began. When Brayden was diagnosed and we started going to clinic every week he was just starting to develop his own personality. He couldn't drink from a cup, he was completely immobile, and his favorite thing to do was "flick" mardi gras beads. He didn't play with toys, and he wasn't really interactive. Even when I think about how far he has come since our trip I am amazed. In July he was still needing a LOT of help to walk, rarely drank from his cup, and was completely nonverbal.
Today Brayden is walking independently, can pull himself up (if the conditions are perfect), is drinking from a straw (although he is still drinking from bottles as well), and has learned some basic communication skills. He can't always verbalize what he wants, but he points and signs "more". He knows how to verbalize that he wants to "walk" when you put him in a grocery cart, and he is most recently following a few simple directions.
Brayden is VERY impressed with the holiday decorations! He points at our tree and holly lit with multicolor lights and says "oohh". Picking out presents for him has been a challenge because he is too tall for many of the things that are appropriate for his development, but I have found a few things that I think he will like.
I guess the point of this blog is to say how GOOD Brayden is doing right now. A few people have been asking me about when Brayden's next MRI will be, and it will take place on January 13, providing that Brayden makes counts and takes his next round of chemo on time. Thanks to everyone who continues to follow and pray for Brayden during the good times as well as during the rough times........ I am convinced that it makes a big difference!

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