Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week #39

Brayden was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and was given 10 days of an antibiotic. He had a pretty rough weekend and has been requiring pretty regular doses of oxycodone, but I am pleased to say that Brayden is recovering quite well! Today he began eating better and drank an entire 9 oz cup of juice from a straw. Go Brayden!
When we went to clinic yesterday they said he looked good, and his ANC was 1250! I am hopeful he will make counts next week and take his chemo as scheduled. In some ways this has been a rough cycle given the pneumonia, but in other ways it has been wonderful because Brayden is doing so many new "age appropriate" things. He is changing every week and I am excited to say that Brayden pulled to a stand (in his crib) after his nap yesterday. It was more exciting for me yesterday than it was when he did at 4 this morning and started crying to get up, but I will take it! Since then he is able to pull up using almost any piece of furniture and is becoming more and more independent.

For those of you that know Brayden well, you know that he sucks on little blankets instead of a paci to soothe himself. They get quite wet and smelly so I have approximately 15 of them so I can keep them cycled out and clean. After his nap I gathered all the blankets, washed and dried them, and put them away. Later I was looking for him and couldn't find him. I finally found him in his room, with the blankie drawer open, and all 15 blankets laying around him. The kid was SO happy, and I was happy to see that he was able to solve his own problem (even if I didn't approve). He was unimpressed when I gathered them up to put them away and he had this very same look on his face.

Disciplining him is starting to wear on me. Sometimes I am unsure of how much stuff he truly understands, and that makes it hard. I am sure he understands more than I think, but I am nervous to discipline him for something he night not "get". I guess only time will tell.......

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