Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bye Bye Port!

Knowing Brayden would have a rough day today we decided to do something fun before Brayden's surgery. Yesterday he spent the morning with his auntie and in the afternoon we took Brayden to the aquarium here in KC and he had a blast! I was reminded why I work weekends when we arrived to find that we basically had the aquarium to ourselves. Brayden walked all over constantly pointing and saying "oohh". He went through the exhibit pretty quick but it was completely worth the drive.
Since we were downtown we went to dinner as well, but as you can see, Brayden was too tired to enjoy it :) In true Brayden fashion, there was very little fussing and he just put his head down and went to sleep.
This morning he got woken up a little after 5 and was immediately strapped into his car seat and headed to CMH. He was not super impressed and said over and over "I want drink" the ENTIRE way, but he did okay overall.
When we got there he kept going back to the door of the waiting room, but thankfully we were the only ones there and he couldn't open the door. They called us back and did his vitals and got his weight. According to their scale he has lost a couple of pounds, but I am hoping its just a difference in scales from clinic to clinic.  
She numbed his little wrist with some kind of CO2 cartridge I have never seen, but it worked like a charm. One nurse stuck and another basically laid on top of him for the stick but he didn't cry or wince during the IV insertion. She was able to get the required labs from the same stick as well. WHEW! It was by far our best peripheral IV insertion experience in the last 14 months.
He (of course) began to IMMEDIATELY pull and pick at the arm board trying to take it off so he got some more tape and a wrap.
Anesthesia got called away to an emergent case so they were running a tad behind, but nothing too terrible. This is where I was grateful we were the first case today because each case is going to be starting later and later. We signed all or our consents and Brayden got to pick a prize for being so brave for the arm poke and he of course picked a hot wheels. He rolled his car with daddy for a bit, and then we played with bubbles, and then he was just done so we cuddled. Sometimes these cuddles in clinic or procedural areas are the best ones because he enjoys them more :) At home he always has something he wants to play with or he just wants to run around.
They took him back around 0830 (after giving him some versed to help him separate from us easily)and we went to the very familiar waiting room. I watched an hour of TV patiently and then the minutes began ticking away VERY slowly. Eventually the nurse came to get us and he was starting to wake up. He was pretty out of it but said "drink" repeatedly so I gave him his cup. He guzzled an entire cup his favorite crystal light and we headed for the car.  
On our way there he starting crying uncontrollably and saying "drink" so we stopped by the cafeteria for something for his cup. The cafeteria was closed so we went by the little shop next to it. They had very few choices of non carbonated things so I settled on some orange juice mixed with water but I was irritated because the poor guy had a rough morning and I just wanted to get him something I knew he would like. I understand the "no sugary drinks rule" but I truly think parents should get to decide what their children drink. Sugary drinks are sometimes just what a child needs, and they are fine in moderation when mixed with water!
He didn't eat much breakfast and spent the majority of the day sleeping. We went out to dinner tonight and his appetite has returned. As I type this blog he is running circles around the house with his popper, chatting with himself, and stopping for an occasional jelly bean from his dispenser. I am relieved to see he has recovered from the anesthetic and is still my Brayden! The next few evenings will be a tiny bit rough because he LOVES his bath and he is only allowed sponge baths for the next 3 days, but that will just make Friday evening that much sweeter for him :) Thanks so much for all the prayers today, we needed them for sure!


  1. Pawpaw will be his hero one more time when he lets Brayden take a bath and play in the tub. The guy is always there for the good times. We pray for this little guy to get a miracle, and when I stop and think God has granted us few already. The Port coming out was a good thing and a bad thing cause one day he will need another. As it stands now he will be able to go to the lake and play with Lizzy and Logan, and when we go to the beach he will be able to play in the water. He can live life as a normal child until the tumor starts to grow. This is where the praying begins and asking God for no growth and to watch over our precious Brayden.
    We are continue to ask for prayers, like Standing with Brayden, and Share the Journey with your FB friends. Science or God? I am going with God!

  2. God never fails. Praise His Name! I have been following Brayden's journey. Just can't imagine the heartache and then the joys of this journey. My heart is so touched by the Mother's attitude and the precious warmth of a MawMaw & PawPaw who are there for every turn. God bless you all and keep you in His tender care.