Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow days!

What a difference one year can make! This time last year during snownami we were camped out in our house waiting to see if Brayden would still be able to have his scheduled procedures because of the weather, and then during the next snow storm we were camped out at home while Brayden was recovering from his brain biopsy.
Watching Daddy Shovel
This year we have still spent a lot of time camped out inside because it is just too cold for Brayden to go outside. He doesn't like wearing his mittens or his hat so that makes it a little tough. We did however get out and some fun around lunchtime on Tuesday, before the roads became impassable and before it got too cold. Brayden and Lizzy had a blast sledding, and they didn't seem to mind that it was cold.
They spent time sledding together down a baby hill, and then I took him down the big hill at Keystone park with my sister and Lizzy close behind. To say that they thought it was fun would be a huge understatement. Brayden giggled all the way down this huge hill and thankfully a kind stranger stopped us at the bottom because we were going so fast I was having trouble stopping. After the hike all the way back up we decided not to go again because we had a few issues getting back up the hill. Bret was carrying Brayden up and they must have fallen 5 times before they finally made it back up. Brayden giggled all through that part too :) It was completely worth all the work.
We certainly made some good memories sledding!
As far as Brayden's health is concerned, he is doing well. We had a quick trip to clinic last week and Brayden was diagnosed with a sinus infection and given antibiotics to clear it up. He is finishing up his antibiotics and is feeling a lot better. From a dental aspect, we are still having some difficulty because the first dentist we went to see doesn't have rights anywhere that will accept Brayden. Our new dentist has "rights" at Children's Mercy, and goes mostly to the south location because downtown is so busy. For some reason, anesthesia feels like Brayden needs to be at the downtown location to receive anesthesia. As of right now, I am confused by this because Brayden has already had anesthesia at South and he did wonderfully. With all of that being said, we have an appointment with anesthesia on Tuesday for them to evaluate Brayden for anesthesia at South. I am hopeful this will work out without difficulty because if not it will likely be mid summer before our dentist gets another OR day downtown, and every kid should be able to enjoy ice cream/popsicles on a hot summer day.
Brayden is spending his days literally running around the house. He loves going downstairs to his play room and let's you know he wants to go down by standing at the gate and pointing down the steps. He is so full of energy and happiness, and he brings all of that energy and happiness into my life. I feel so blessed to be his momma!

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