Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Upcoming procedures

Since our very long and rough day at CMH last week, things are looking up for Brayden! He did spike temperatures off and on all last week and looked pretty pitiful, but on Friday he was looking better! At this point no one really knows why he spiked those temperatures, but I am just relieved he is better. He unfortunately has a pretty stubborn diaper rash that started over the weekend, and our pediatrician is thinking it could be yeast, or that it could be strep. We started some topical antifungal yesterday so I am hoping it will look better tomorrow, but I am anticipating a trip to the doc if it is still looking worse.
After much discussion with a CMH dentist, it has been determined that Brayden will have 4 (yes that's right 4) teeth capped on March 20th. This dentist feels like the two front teeth definitely need to be capped and she has a strong feeling that the teeth next to those would likely need to be capped in the future as they have some abnormalities as well. That being said, she is going to do all 4 at once so he will not have to have anesthesia again for the same issue. I am so relieved  to finally have Brayden on an operating room schedule so we can get issue resolved! I guess that will teach me to try and do anything anywhere but at CMH. Unfortunately, the port needs to come out sooner than March 20th so Brayden is on the schedule for that this coming Tuesday. He will need to arrive in radiology by 6, and while that is early, I prefer it that way because he won't be hungry yet. Surgery times later in the day make him (and I) cranky because he doesn't understand not being able to eat or drink. I am of course nervous about the anesthesia and the breathing tube/ventilator but I think that's natural. He normally does well with anesthesia, and I am praying that these two surgeries are just minor bumps in the road for us.
On a completely different note, there have been several families that I follow here in KC that have received some less than great news, and some other children that have recently earned their wings. Our thoughts are with all of those families and it makes me even more grateful for this time with Brayden. For those of you have been following for a while know that sometime during the beginning of this journey I was encouraged by multiple people to develop a good relationship with God. I embraced that advice and we went to multiple churches trying to find the one that was right for us. Unfortunately I began working every weekend so we never became members of a specific church. Since that time I have worked at developing my relationship with God and I have found some comfort in that. That being said, people say things about how we were picked by Him to be on this journey and I know people are trying to comfort us which I appreciate so much......
But to be clear I do NOT believe that. I do not believe that He decided Brayden needed to be born prematurely, nor do I believe that He gave Brayden an inoperable brain tumor. I believe that he saved Brayden the day he was born and I believe that he is helping guide us down this path. I just cannot believe that He is solely responsible for giving children terminal diseases, and while some may not agree, that's what I believe......

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  1. Your love for Brayden is precious. Thank you for sharing. We will continue to pray for Brayden, and your family. God never sends disease to anyone. God is our Comforter and Healer. He isalso our Heavenly Father. He loves us as His children. He loves us even more than we earthly parents could possibly love our children and grandchildren. What a JOY to the heart of God that you are seeking a relationship with Him. You don't need a church to do that. I'm praying scripture - repeating God's Word back to Him, and adding my faith to yours for Brayden's total and complete healing. Praying the promise in Jeremiah 30:17 : "For I (God) will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD." Let's make it personal. "For I (God) will restore health to Brayden, and I will heal Brayden of his wounds, says the LORD." It isn't just Brayden standing up against a disease - God fights our battles - and stands in our place. He is more powerful than any diseases. God Bless you! Marcia