Thursday, March 27, 2014

Doing awesome!

It was brought to my attention a couple of days that it has been a long time since my last blog, and when I looked back it has been three weeks since I last updated here! Sorry for that :) We appreciate every person that is reading about, following, and praying for Brayden so much! I really haven't updated because there isn't too much going on with Brayden and he is doing awesome!
Over the last few weeks, we have been enjoying the nice days here and there.....
and on the cooler days we have been staying busy too....
Follow the yellow brick road
There are slides on the way to see the wicked witch!
Working the Wizard of Oz booth!
We have been having fun and enjoying our healthy Brayden! I am so grateful for this time with him. We did still have to do a couple of "unfun" things, but his appointment schedule has been VERY light the last few weeks.
He got fitted for his new braces..... we get them April 22nd!
He had his dental surgery and can now actually bite things and eat ice cream! Totally worth it!!
Brayden has been doing awesome with his speech and gross motor skills. He is now able to transition from sitting to standing without using an object to "pull up". His speech continues to explode and he is nearly on track with his adjusted age in the speech category!  In true toddler fashion he has learned some things I am not crazy about, but the one thing I am grateful for is that he doesn't tell me "no". He says the same things I say to him: don't or uhhuhh. He can pretty much verbalize what he wants and we are now working on the articulation of those things. He calls a cat a tat, his coat a toat, a pig a gig, and etc. He keeps putting the consonant that is at the end of the word on the front. Our speech therapist reassured me this is a normal step in his development and that he will grow out of it. One year ago we wondered if he would learn to talk, and our therapists were working with him using alternative forms of communication. It is amazing to look at how far he has come :)

He has started going to a two hour developmental group on Mondays, and he is LOVING it. He does a craft, plays with the other kids, and works with the speech therapist. He has been enjoying it so much I decided it was time to think about getting him in somewhere to spend more time with other kids. That being said, he started at a mothers day out program today at one of our local churches. Its from 9:30 to 3 and the plan is to just go on Thursdays for now. The church seemed a little apprehensive about his history and suggested a "trial run" for today to make sure he did okay before actually enrolling him. His teacher said he did awesome today. He played well with the other kids, ate his lunch, and he even napped on his little folding mat. I was so relieved he did well, but then the director approached me and said he couldn't come back until she heard back from their insurance company. Apparently they feel like he may be too much of a "liability" because of his brain tumor. She explained to me that his teacher was only CPR certified and that if he fell, hit his head, and had a seizure she wasn't sure what that would mean. I am hoping this is all just red tape and he will be allowed to go back next week because he had fun. Brayden's safety is my first priority, but he has had no seizures and has no real medical needs at this point, so I am a little fuzzy on why there are so many concerns. If there were legitimate concerns about seizures than I would not be trying to enroll him anywhere.
If they decide he can't go back I will be on the phone advocating for Brayden with another place so he can go and play with other kids. I know I could take him to a group play date, but he plays better with others when I am not there. I just want him to have the same opportunities as all of the other children and I have been adamant about not letting his tumor define him and that is not changing, at least not now :)

On Tuesday (4/1)  my Unit 62 family is hosting another fundraiser at KU! They will be selling tacos and baked goods again this year and for those of you KU peeps who missed out last year, the tacos were delicious!! Brayden will be there as usual saying hello!

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