Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Upcoming MRI

I wanted to start this blog by thanking everyone who came out yesterday to meet and support Brayden, and to also thank my coworkers for their ongoing support :) Over the last year my coworkers have been so supportive, and many of them have gone above and beyond to help us along the way. They did an awesome job yesterday serving tacos and selling baked goods, and one of them even made this awesome cake!
Brayden did awesome greeting everyone and he gave tons of high fives (but not until he ate his taco)!
And he did well for the first couple of hours but then he had had enough
He is doing so well right now and I can not express how grateful I am for that. We have been blessed with this time of stability and I am reminded of that blessing when I read about other kids with pediatric cancer.....
I have been following a little boy named Ben, who you can read about here if you like:
This little boy is 4 years old and in January he was taken to the ER for headaches and they found a tumor. He had a tumor resection (brain surgery) and completed some radiation in February. On March 3rd he had an MRI that showed that the tumor had tripled in size. The parents were told to take their little boy home and keep him comfortable for the weeks (not months) that they had left with him because there were no other treatment options.
This scenario is something that I think about sometimes, but I think about it most often before upcoming scans. MRI's instill me with fear because I always wonder if this will be the MRI that shows growth. Brayden's next MRI is on April 15th, and the nearer to that day we get the more scared I become. While I know that MRI's are an opportunity for reassurance of tumor stability, I also know that they are an opportunity for my worst fears to be realized. I know that Brayden is not in "remission"; he is just on a "chemo vacation". I desperately hope that this vacation will last forever, but I know it is likely to end at some point. Normally when I find myself thinking about this I push it to the back of my mind, but I thought today it might be good to "put it out there", so thanks for reading :)
On a happier and more exciting note, I heard back from the Mother's day out program Brayden went to last week and they said he CAN come back tomorrow!!!

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