Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Spring!

It has been a while since my last update, sorry everyone : )
I am happy to say that Brayden is continuing to do very well, and aside from a quick trip to urgent care for pneumonia right before mothers day, he hasn't had any medical appointments!
Brayden has changed so much, and it amazes me everyday how fast he is changing. He has officially transitioned to his toddler bed and can put himself "night night", although he does prefer some cuddles first. Brayden loves going outside and would prefer to stay outside all day if I would let him.
He is answering yes and no questions more appropriately, but we still have some room to improve as he will answer "yes" to a lot of things he really means no.  He knows all of his colors, and he knows the difference between one and two. At bedtime he always asks for "two blankies" if he can only find one. If you ask him how old he is he will tell you "two". He also knows the difference between mine and yours, and he has finally stopped needing a bottle to drink enough fluid to stay hydrated! He knows what sounds a cow, pig, and dog make and he can point those animals out in a book. He is doing so well at mothers day out that he will be starting the summer session with the other "early" 2 year olds (the twos classes are divided into early and late based on their birthday). This is big because that means he is nearly on track with his peers!
In other news, this momma had her wisdom teeth pulled this week and I was not nearly as brave as Brayden. I was so scared going into the office and looking at all the tools, but then I decided that if Brayden could do all the things he has done then I could get some teeth cut out. He really is braver than I could ever dream of being.
Last night after dinner my sister took Lizzy to urgent care so Logan spent the night with us. All of this took place after Brayden went to bed so it was a surprise that Logan was here this morning. When Brayden and I got up today he heard Logan and looked at me with a very big smile and said "Baby Logan sleeping"? I told Brayden I thought it was time to get Logan up and he raced down the hallway. We got everyone up and fed and then these two crawled and scooted all over the kitchen with their cars/trucks/trains. 
It is amazing how much Brayden loves having Logan here with us during the day. I desperately want Brayden to have a little brother or sister, but for whatever reason we can't seem to make that happen. In my mind I have always thought "what is meant to be will be" in regards to another baby but it appears I may be having a hard time accepting what might be "meant to be".

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