Friday, June 13, 2014

Off to the beach!

Brayden continues to do awesome, and I have nothing to report on the medical front!! The last few weeks have been uneventful and we have spent time just enjoying life. This week I watched Brayden climb up a playground (with some help) during his therapy session at a local park. Climbing is our PT's trick to simulate crawling since he never really did that. It is a miracle to watch how much he changes from week to week. He is now saying 5 word phrases, and he has started to be more inquisitive as well. During a walk with mawmaw he pointed to a mailbox and asked "whats that". She told him "mailbox" and he pointed the rest of them out to her labeling each one as they walked past. Last night we went to the park and he fed bread to a momma duck and her babies, and the whole way home he kept saying "I fed ducks". He was very impressed with himself.

Tomorrow we leave for the beach! Pawpaw, Bret, and my brother in law have graciously agreed to leave tonight and drive pawpaws truck the 18 hours to the beach as it will be packed with the gear three kids will need for a week away. In the morning Brayden, Lizzy, and Logan will all be going on their first plane ride together and it departs at 710 AM meaning these kids will be getting up in the four o'clock hour. Please pray for them to be in good spirits for the day of traveling and it might also be nice to pray for the poor people who are sitting near us on their first flight :) I am excited to go on vacation with Brayden as I feel like we are all in a better place this year. Brayden is certainly more stable now than ever and I know that I am in a better place both emotionally and physically. I am hopeful Brayden and his besties will play in the sand, float in the pool, shop until they drop, and just have a great time! When we get back from vacation Brayden and I will start a journey that I hear is going to be tough.....
I feel like he is showing the signs he is ready so we are going to try. If it turns out he isn't ready than no big deal, we will try again in a couple months........ Have a great weekend everyone, and as always, thanks so much for reading and praying for Brayden. I truly believe it makes a difference!

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