Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

We have received so many kind words and prayers over the last week and I am so appreciative of that. I am overwhelmed with emotion when I think about how many kind people have reached out to set up “fire truck days” for Brayden! Multiple people have reached out to offer a hand during this difficult time and I want to thank everyone for that. Thankfully at this point we are doing okay and truly don’t need much right now, although that may change down the road a bit. Brayden did get a delivery from the UPS guy today, and it was a sonic gift card! It brought a smile to my face and I am sure it will bring MANY smiles to Brayden with each delicious drink he gets after his chemo.
Overall Brayden is doing very well and still doesn’t understand what is about to happen and I am grateful for that. He is all smiles as usual but I think he may figure out what’s about to happen to him on Friday afternoon when he wakes up with his port, but we will see. He had a great weekend with his mawmaw and pawpaw, and Lizzy even spent the night with them on Saturday. They went shopping and found a stuffed Dalmatian with a fire hat. Brayden promptly called it a “firedog” and latched onto it so they bought it for him along with a toy fire truck. It was surprisingly difficult for me to leave Brayden to work this weekend (even though I know he couldn’t be in better hands). A big thank you goes out to my kind coworker for that big hug in the med room……. I really needed it. I have such a hard time leaving Brayden, but financially we don’t have a lot of choices because it is important to me to provide Brayden with stability. I want his life outside the oncology clinic to continue as it always has, whether that be an impromptu toy bus purchase at the grocery store, giving him his favorite snack (pistachios are not cheap!), or buying him ice cream at the zoo. I feel like stability is the one of the few things we can actually control, so off to work I will go. At this point the dust has settled and we are back to making memories! I am focusing on the things we can control and showing Brayden every day how much we love him is at the top of that list. He came into our room at three this morning and asked to get into bed with us. I happily obliged and he snuggled right down and went back to sleep. Later as I was watching him sleep he started giggling (while still asleep) and I thought to myself "I want to remember this forever". Today we took Brayden to the pet store and picked out his fishes......
He calls them fire fish...... and he wasn't too happy to ride in the cart, but he did it!
and we then tonight  we picked up his swing set......
Tomorrow we are planning on going to the zoo. Brayden isn't able to see too many of the animals but he LOVES riding in his stroller and it is supposed to be a beautiful day so we are going to take advantage!  Hopefully dad and pawpaw will get his swing set put together this weekend so it will be ready for him when he recovers from his port surgery! Thanks so much for reading about and praying for Brayden!

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