Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our next MRI

The last few weeks have been great for us and we are just enjoying the beautiful weather with Brayden. He has been enjoying the time swimming, visiting parks, going on walks, and visiting the zoo. 
On a different note, we had his "well child check up" on Friday. I think that Brayden has been doing great lately and is making leaps and bounds with his development. Unfortunately the physician we saw felt that Brayden needs to make significant improvements with his speech by his third birthday and if he doesn't than we will need to have him evaluated for autism. This is the same physician that told me Brayden would likely have cerebral palsy and would require intensive therapy to overcome that. I am not too sure what to think about all of this, but after talking with the therapists that see Brayden often I can see why the physician may have thought this. None of the therapists who see Brayden often are concerned about him having autism but only time will tell.
Brayden's next MRI will be on Tuesday, and as usual the anxiety has began for this momma.....
This will be the MRI that will allow Brayden to get caught up on his immunizations as long as it is stable. As usual we will have the results the same day, which certainly makes this process easier. Please pray for an uneventful MRI and tumor stability!

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