Friday, August 22, 2014

A magnificent week! (#3)

Brayden has had an awesome week! He started a different group on Monday with a new group of children at the Marion Hope Center because his other friends all turned three over the summer :( His new group will be as great as his last I think and most of his teachers are the same. They said he is doing well and he can officially drink from an open cup unassisted! Go Brayden!
On Tuesday he had his chemo and he did well aside from the usual crying with port access. The nurses think the crying is mostly anxiety because he doesn't cry for the actual poke and they think that will decrease over time. I sure hope they are right because the waterworks when we take his shirt off it pretty rough on this momma. He ate goldfish, played with cars, and watched bubble guppies. We were in and out in just over two hours which was much better than last week. His counts are dropping gradually but so far none of his numbers are concerning or require any additional treatment! On Wednesday he had physical therapy at home and did great as usual. When our PT came in he immediately said "I want cars and trucks". He is SO motivated by cars and trucks!
On Thursday Brayden had his police and fire day with the city of Lees Summit. He said "cheese" for all the news people and even told them on camera "I'm going to ride on a fire truck". He then sat with his pawpaw on a police motorcycle, crawled in and out of police cars, and awed at the red and blue lights on the cars.
From there he got to ride in a police car with a police escort over to the fire station and he thought that was pretty exciting!
When he arrived at the station he got a hat, tshirt and a real badge from the assistant chief. He then got in the truck for a bit, pretended to drive, and got some photos. Then they got the water hose out and he got to man the hose for a bit!
I am sure he enjoyed that part because he has been telling me for a week now that "water comes from the hose". He then enjoyed a ride around downtown Lees Summit on a real firetruck from the 1950's, and by the end he was helping steer the truck a little.  
Everyone was very kind and patient with Brayden and he had a wonderful day. I don't really have the words to express how grateful I am that Brayden was able to have this experience, so I'll just say thank you again to everyone who helped make this such a special day. A special thanks goes out to Ronnie for reaching out to set this up! Today mawmaw called and told me that Brayden made the front page of the Kansas City Star. That clipping is going to look awfully sweet in his scrapbook!
Today we went to lunch with Brayden's uncle Pat and have just been taking it easy. After lunch we took daddy back to work and found a present for Brayden......... A big box of hot wheels! Brayden latched onto a few and clutched them all the way home.  He seems a little cranky and tired today (although he is refusing to nap) so I am hoping he will feel better tomorrow! He is excited as always to spend the weekend with his mawmaw and pawpaw. At ten this morning I found him tying to put his flip flops on and he asked me for help. When I asked him where he was going he said "I going to pawpaws house"........ so off to pawpaws he will go tonight. Thanks to everyone who keeps praying and following Brayden because I really do believe it makes a difference!

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